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Our Pet Cream is an anti-bacterial and anti- fungal cream which is why it has great healing properties.

Made for my dog Tui, as she suffered from contact dermatitis from flea bites (she was flea treated but they still affected her if one landed), also from grass and plants. My cat was also a bit odd and had a Pink Batt (roof insulation) fetish. She would stalk around the neighbourhood searching for Pink Batts and rub herself all over them. This resulted in her losing most of her fur! not a pretty look!! After 'Smooching' her a few times her hair started growing back and the rash was gone. Being a cat and a fussy one she didn't like to be smooched so we had to find her, catch her and then rub in some smooch on the sly. If I picked up the bottle she ran and hid even though I told her medicine is good. 

  • Doctor Pet can be used on sores, scratches, rashes, eczema, liver spots, bites, after an operation, protection from the sun or to ease sunburn
  • Promotes healing through daily application to the problem area of natural healing ingredients
  • Deters flies from open sore. Apply Doctor Pet daily for full benefits
  • Distract pets immediately after application to allow the product soak in for 2-3 minutes
  • Like all Smooch products there’s nothing in Doctor Pet that they can’t eat
  • Depending on the weather the product may change consistency. Firmer in the cold and an oil in the heat

Our most common comment on this product is..."Thank you, you have saved us thousands on vet creams." 

This product is very similar to the human counterpart so if you try it on your pet and it doesn't work, then you can use it yourself as a hand cream

Ingredients: Fijian Niu Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil, Cranberry Oil, Pure Vanilla, Vitamin E, Organic Fochina Mix and lavender

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