Jbl Novolotl Xl 250Ml

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Jbl Novolotl Xl 250Ml


  • Complete nutrition and ideal growth for Axolotl and newts from 18 cm through 5 mm granulates
  • What makes it special: it complements the natural nutrition with fish meat of freshwater fish (which is very special!), amphipods and shrimps
  • The selected ingredients provide better digestion and therefore for less water contamination (= less algae)
  • Axolotl find their food by their sense of smell (olfactory). That’s why the smell of the natural ingredients is crucial
  • Geschlossen 3 Jahre haltbar. Nach Öffnen 4 Monate haltbar. 250 ml versorgen ein 100 l Aquarium für 50 Tage