Pond One Stingray 17000 Pump

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Pond One Stingray 17000 Pump

Stingray 17000 Filter Pump 16500 L/Hr 7M H.H – 10m Cable Multi Directional Outlet: The outlet of the Stingray is multi directional in every respect. This allows you to point the hose in any direction even across the pond floor. The efficient ball joint design minimises frictional resistance and maximise flow. Strainer with leaf guards: The ingenious design of the StingRay’s strainer minimise maintenance even further with the help of the leaf guards raised above the holes. This feature reduces the likelihood of leaves, which may settle on the strainer, blocking the inflow of water to the pump. Thus maximising water flow for longer periods between cleaning. Carry Handle: The convenient carry handle makes removing the pump simple. The overall design of the pump strainer clip system means simple and fast dissassembly is possible without the needs for tools. Impeller Housing: The impeller housing is simple to remove for those occasional instances when cleaning is required. The whole rotor and impeller assembly is also replaceable as you would expect on heavy duty long life pumps. Features & Benefits: Purpose designed filtration pump Solids handling of up to 8mm Asynchronous motor designed for long trouble free life Extremely low power consumption Suitable for submersed & dry sited installation making it ideal for gravity fed filters Wildlife friendly design due to diffused intake 2 + 1 Year Guarantee Spare parts: 25207I – Impeller – StingRay 17000 207i Additional Info: Item Code: 93006 Description: Stringray 17000 Max. Flow Rate: 16500L/Hr Max. Lift: 7m Wattage: 320W Cable Length: 10m 2 + 1 Year Guarantee