Juwel Glass Heater 200W

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Juwel Glass Heater 200W

Manufactured from Safety Glass

The JUWEL heater safely and reliably ensures the correct temperature in your aquarium. Depending on the room temperature and the size of the aquarium, you will achieve a water temperature of around +28 degree Celsius with the JUWEL heater.

Adjustable heaters by JUWEL meet the highest functional and safety-related requirements, thanks to the high-quality contacts and heat as well as shock-resistant borosilicate glass (safety glass) used. The heaters are also TÜV/GS certified, of course.

The heater is located invisibly in the filter housings of the models Rio, Vision, Trigon, Lido and Rekord and it is ideally integrated in the water circuit of the Bioflow filter system.

This ensures an even, efficient distribution of heat in your aquarium.

The JUWEL adjustable heater is available as 50, 100, 200 and 300 watt version.