Vet Love Naturally Pet Paw Balm 30G

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Vet Love Naturally Pet Paw Balm 30G

Pet Paw Balm is a healing and moisturising ointment made with pure essential oils from New Zealand. 


Developed and tested by a holistic veterinarian, Pet Paw Balm is an essential item for your pet first aid kit.   


Pet Paw Balm is ideal for:


  • Paws that are dry or rough 
  • Pads burnt from hot concrete
  • Pad cuts 
  • Paws impacted by excess exercise



Proven Natural Ingredients:


Lavender Oil
Anti-bacterial for wound care

Olive Oil 
Natural, lick-safe carrier oil


Coconut Oil 
Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising Shea Butter Smooths, softens and hydrates the skin


Helps heal chapped skin


Vitamin E 
Anti-oxidants and skin moisturising