EzyDog CP Harness Red X-Large

Sale price$62.95


Simplicity, ease, comfort, and safety. The adjustable, sturdy, and ergonomic Chest Plate harness by EzyDog is the best dog control harness out there. Distributing the load across the chest (rather than across the throat) makes it easier to control and train a tugging dog, and is more comfortable and sturdy than a typical collar!

The Chest Plate harness is more than just a harness for dogs that pull on their leashes. It's a great fit for every dog! The harness doesn't rub uncomfortably, thanks to its easy-to-adjust straps. For unbeatable control, use it with an EzyDog shock absorbing leash. It's quick to put on, meaning you can get out and play that much sooner.

Key Features:

  • The ergonomic EVA chest plate conforms to your dog's chest for a custom fit
  • Easy to adjust straps create a snug, secure fit
  • Reflective stitching provides enhanced night-time visibility
  • Sturdy clasps make putting it on fast and easy
  • The rust-proof welded D-ring keeps my dog attached to the leash
  • So many colours to choose from
  • Seat belt car restraint included
  • Weight: 35-40KG
  • Neck: 52-90cm
  • Girth: 56-97cm


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