Zealandia Cat Food Kangaroo Paté Can 185G *Discontinued

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Zealandia Cat Food Kangaroo Paté Can 185G *Discontinued

Made in New Zealand from kangaroo sourced from the Australian outback. Kangaroo is low in fat and high in CLA (Conjugated Linleic Acid). CLA has been knows to support cardiovascular health and promote a lean physique.

Debonned kangaroo being the first ingredient, balanced with lamb organs and topped off with New Zealand green lipped mussels and salmon oil. Cooked slowly in a yummy broth and loaded with flavour your cat cant resist.

Rich in Omega 3 and Astaxanthis for skin and coat care, NZ green lipped mussels help with hips and joint support and green lamb tripe is a good source os digestion support.

Key Features:     

  • Made in New Zealand    
  • Sustainably sourced    
  • Grain free    
  • Free from added flavourings, preservatives, carageenan, & BPA    
  • 93% Meat, Lamb Organs & NZ Green Mussels