KiwiPetz and KiwiVetz

KiwiPetz are proud to be partnered with KiwiVetz, to offer a wide range of veterinary exclusive products straight to your door!


Doctor Sharon Taylor graduated from Massey University in 1995 and married her husband Andy 3 weeks later. Sharon has 3 lovely teenage children - Hannah, Sarah and Daniel.

Her family has two special fur babies 'QT ' the Labradoodle who is 6 years old and weighs a whole kilo lighter than 'Crystal' the 8 year old domestic black and white cat!

Doctor Taylor has worked predominantly with cats and dogs over her career, but has managed a veterinary practice in Hamilton for 12 years prior to children and did an extensive stint years ago working with a ferret farmer in the Waikato.

Currently Doctor Taylor helps to run KiwiVetz , while also working as a locum with several other veterinary practices in Tauranga, giving her a broad knowledge of all things pet!