BioPet Joints 90ml

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A combination of homeopathic remedies to support a natural immune response to all your pet’s joint complaints. Old or young, Biopet Joints is suitable for any joint complaint be it a sign of old age or the result of an injury. Degenerative hip complaints and ligament problems can be supported by a natural immune response from BioPet’s remedies. Dog owners testify that their old dogs are like puppies again, cat owners see their cats jumping on to ledges for the first time in years.

BioPet products are an innovative range of compound homeopathic remedies, the culmination of 15 year’s clinical veterinary experience. Designed specifically for animals by Head of Research and Development Fiona Lane, in conjunction with New Zealand's leading Veterinary Homeopath. BioPet products enable you to use natural medicine for your pet health needs.

Key Features:

  • Great for helping support joint health
  • Easy to administer with a spray bottle, simply spray in the pet's mouth.
  • Made Specifically for: Pets that are in the need of joint support

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