Rogz Nightcat Collar Purple Budgies Small

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Rogz Nightcat Collar Purple Budgies Small

The Rogz NightCat Safeloc Cat Collar is made of printed reflective PU on webbing and will allow you to spot your feline friend in total darkness. 


* Breakaway safety buckle: Safeloc buckle is designed to break open if your cat's collar gets caught. 

* Variable load safeloc buckle: Able to easily adjust the break away load of the buckle. You can increase the buckle's holding strength. Can still break free if placed under too much strain.

* Reflective materials: Maximum visibility to increase the safety of any night exploring cat.

* Width 11mm 

NECK SIZE: 20-31cm (8-12") 

PATTERNS : Orange Bird; Purple Budgerigar; Lime Swallow