Puppy Pamper Pack - Girl

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New puppy about to join your family? Do you need to get organized and don't want to spend hours finding each individual item? We have the solution for you!

Our Pamper Pack is full of all the essential and fun items you need for your puppy! Quality, well known brands and discounted prices when you purchase our pack!

Have this shipped to your home and be all set up to welcome your new fur baby home with zero stress!

Included in this girl pack:

  • Red Dingo Donut Medium Bed (80 x 60 x 21cm) - (Assorted colours to choose from)
  • Rogz Small Collar 12mm x 20-31cm (Black, blue, red, orange, pink, purple, turquoise)
  • Rogz Small Lead 11mm x 1.8m (Black, blue, red, orange, pink, purple, turquoise)
  • Car & Walking Harness black
  • Beco Bowl Pink 750ml
  • Beco Bowl Pink 750ml
  • Yours Droolly Muff Pup
  • ChuckIt! Tennis Ball 2 Pack
  • Puppy Kong Small Pink
  • Yours Droolly Pink Pig
  • Yours Droolly Puppy Bonding Crackle Toy
  • Yours Droolly Teethers Bone Massager Pink
  • Stain & Odour Remover
  • Toilet Training Pads 10 Pack
  • Beco Poop Bag Holder Pink (With 15 Biodegradable bags)
  • Yours Droolly Slicker Brush
  • Yours Droolly Double Comb
  • Puppy Shampoo
  • Puppy Conditioner
  • Natural NZ Training Treats

Purchase this pack and add any Yours Droolly Crate, Yours Droolly Exercise Pen or Yours Droolly Dry Fleece  to your cart and receive 20% OFF those items! Enter the code ADDMEPUPPY20 in the checkout!

For items with assorted colours and sizes, please see the product photos above and note your preferences within the stores checkout.

* Please note, some items may be subject to change due to stock levels and availability

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