Halti Head Collar Black

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HALTI has become the world's favourite canine head collar because it has been designed to combine maximum steering efficiency with unequalled comfort for the dog.
There are no metal parts in contact with the dog's skin and the point of steering is well down the nose and away from the eyes.
A particular feature of the HALTI which is not shared by other designs of head collar, is that it has an on-off muzzling action to close the dog's jaws.

Key Features:

  • The HALTI makes training and behavior modification of dogs practical and safe

Size Measurement
Typical Breed
0 29 - 36cm Bichon Frise / Mini Dachshund / Maltese / Toy Poodle / Yorkshire Terrier
1 31 - 40cm Corgi / Mini Poodle / Mini Schnauzer / Sheltie / Standard Dachshund / Westie
2 35 - 48cm Australian Cattle Dog / Bedlington Terrier / Scottish Terrier / Shar Pei / Staffy / Standard Schnauzer / Vizla
3 40 - 54cm Bull Terrier / German Shepherd / Golden Retriever / Husky / Labrador / Malamute / Setters / Weimaraner
4 46 - 62cm Akita / Bernese MD / Bull Mastiff / Giant Schnauzer / Irish Wolfhound / Newfoundland / Rottweiler
5 51 - 73cm Great Dane / St Bernard


Breed recommendations are a guideline only as individual sizes may vary by dog. We recommend you measure your dog to ensure the right fit.

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