Infinity Air Pump Ap150R

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Infinity Air Pump Ap150R

INFINITY Air Pump AP150R   - Single Outlet

Suitable for aquariums up to 10 - 100 L.  Flow rate 100L/hr

Oxygen plays a vast part of having a healthy and well maintained aquarium.  Many fish need more oxygen than standard filtration can supply so having an airpump running in an aquarium can ensure happy and healthy aquatic life as well as giving the aquarium an added feature of bubbles being released.  Infinity air pumps are safe and reliable and super quiet with a strong air output to release oxygen bubbles into your aquarium.  

Key Benefits:

  • Adds additional oxygen into an aquarium to promote good health
  • Compatible with airstone ornaments
  • 2 + 1 year warrenty

Check valve, airline hose and air stone sold seperately.