Aqua One Gravel Cleaner 9-16"

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Aqua One Gravel Cleaner 9-16"

Aquaone Gravel Cleaner 9-16 inches

Aqua one vac-a-tanks are a self starting super siphon.  Waste such as faeces, left over food, decaying plant matter etc can build up amongst the gravel in your aquarium which can then contribute to harmful toxins such as ammonia in the water.  This easy gravel cleaner allows you to complete your water changes by siphoning water straight from the bottom of the tank where it is most needed.  This not only makes doing water changes on your aquarium fast but efficient as well.

Key benefits

  • Cleans your aquarium gravel of waste
  • Extends from 9inches to 16 inches for those deep aquariums
  • Easy to use