Anlamb Milk Replacer 10kg

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This item is special order only which means we may not carry stock in our store. If you order this for delivery we will deliver the product from the supplier. If you want to pick this up from our Tauranga store we will need to order this in and contact you when it arrives. This usually takes 1-3 days.


Suitable from day 4 through to weaning*

Nutrient profile almost identical to raw whole milk, providing lambs and kid goats with the very best start to life.

  • 26% protein primarily from NZ sourced whole milk powder, no added vegetable protein, providing essential nutrition for growth.
  • 26% fat from dairy sources, the only fat that contains butyrate, which is important for rumen development.
    Contains probiotics which enhance the immune system and promote good digestion and gut health.

High casein component for a strong curd, like nature intended, for initial digestion in the stomach and improved nutrient supply & uptake.
Contains essential vitamins and minerals required for early growth and development.
Soluble and easy to mix. Suitable for use in automatic feeders
Contains no Coccidiostat so is safe for all label species.

* can be used in conjunction with Jumpstart Full Cream Colostrum from day 2-4, if good-quality colostrum is not available.

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