Washbar Spritzer Flea Freshen 250Ml

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Washbar Spritzer Flea Freshen 250Ml


For fresh smelling dog - when it's too cold or too wet to wash the dog, and they really need that bath ... No synthesized perfumes, and no alcohol to irritate sensitive skins. Grab a bottle. While you’re at it - get two " one for home and one for the car. Get the dog in the car without the smell.

Minty Woodland Fresh

Controlling fleas is an ongoing problem. 100% Natural Flea+Freshen Spritzer is an excellent product in your toolkit to keep fleas away. It is so natural that you can spray it on your dog, its bedding, in the car, around your home, on furniture, anywhere your dog lays. It leaves a fresh woodland fragrance and keeps fleas at bay.