Python Pump

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It works via water pressure from your tap. Once the suction pump is connected to your faucet you simply twist the pump valve down to drain (or suction the gravel) and then twist it up to fill the aquarium.

 Key Features:

  • Suction Pump attachment for use with the Python no Spill clean & Fill
  • No buckets needed
  • For use with the Python no Spill clean & Fill
  • Can be added to a tap with an internal or external thread, outdoor hose or laundry.
  • The stronger the water pressure the stronger the suction
  • No need to remove the fish as you only need to remove approximately 20% of the water.

Removing debris from your gravel is a critical function of maintaining your tank. It not only keeps your gravel looking great, it helps remove a lot of matter from the gravel that can be toxic to your tank, with nasties like nitrates and ammonia, which potentially can be harmful for your fish.

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