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Mare’s milk is unique – foals do not thrive on cow’s milk. To use cow’or goat milk as a replacement can cause difficulties for the orphan foal, reducing their chances of  healthy development.
Vetpro Foalmilk does not contain colostrum – this must be given to the foal within four hours of birth and prior to any other nutrients, even milk or water.
Vetpro Foalmilk is made from premium quality (human consumable standard) New Zealand milk powder.  It is also combined with the correct balance of fats, lactose and sugar, with the vitamins and minerals at an optimum level for the healthy development of the foal. This produces the closest formulation to mare’s milk than either cow or goat milk.
Comparison of main ingredients:
                 Mares Milk     VP FoalMilk   Goats Milk    Cows Milk
Fat               15%                 12%                 34%                29%
Protein       22.8%              22%                 25%                25%
Sugar         58.8%              50%                 31%                38%
Although the main use is to nourish an orphan foal, it is also useful as a supplement for a foal whose dam has insufficient milk, or added dry to foal feed at weaning.
Vetpro Foalmilk is also ideal as a liquid supplement for aged horses who have difficulty eating hard feed, horses in poor condition and lactating mares.
Each 100 gm of Vetpro Foalmilk contains:
Vitamin A 2500iu                     Vitamin D 250iu
Vitamin E 15iu                          Vitamin B1 3 mg
Vitamin B2 1.5 mg                   Vitamin 6 1.5 mg
Vitamin B12 5mg                     Folic Acid 1.5 mg
Niacin 2.5 mg                           Pantothenic Acid 2.5 mg
Available in a 2.5 kg bag (emergency packs) or a 10 kg bag.
Both bags come complete with sterilizing tablets, measure scoop, teat and full instructions, plus hints on managing the orphan foal.


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