Burgess Adult Rabbit Natures Blend 1.5KG

Sale price$32.50


Excel Natural Blend are made with a unique blend of grass, herbs, plants and other foraged ingredients. Once these ingredients reach the perfect age they are dried within 3 hours of being cut, allowing excess water to evaporate capturing all the natural goodness before being harvested. 

This blend took over a year to perfect and was created working alongside nutritionists and a leading agricultural college. Designed to add variety to your rabbits diet these nuggets have been blended with a range of hedgerow ingredients like lemon balm, nettle leaves and dandelion, these are packed naturally with vitamins and minerals. 

Key Features:

  • Prevents selective feeding
  • Contains dandelion helps to maintain digestive health
  • Contains nettle helps to support urinary tract health
  • Contains lemon balm known for its calming properties
  • Contains lucerne extract helps to support eye health

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