Hoof Gold 6KG

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This item is special order only which means we may not carry stock in our store. If you order this for delivery we will deliver the product from the supplier. If you want to pick this up from our Tauranga store we will need to order this in and contact you when it arrives. This usually takes 1-3 days.


HOOF GOLD is highly recommended for Horses with the following conditions: Laminitis, Heel cracks, White Line Disease, Wall separation, Thin soles, Cracked walls.

High concentration biotin, MSM, methionine and zinc blend with specific trace elements uniquely formulated by veterinary surgeons to aid in hoof growth.

This horse hoof forumla is recommended for any horse hoof condition requiring additional hoof strength and growth.
Hoof Gold binds well in feed with molasses, honey, or water.

Loading Dose:
2 x 30g scoops PER DAY

700KG above 3 x 30g scoops
150KG below 1 x 30g scoop

Mix in wet feed or mix with water and orally syringe if your horse is in a shared paddock.

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