API Pondcare Microbial Algae Clean 473ml

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MICROBIAL ALGAE CLEAN algae control is an alternative approach to algae control and reduces pond maintenance. MICROBIAL ALGAE CLEAN algae control was the first bacterial algaecide registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. This product contains patented bacteria and controls green water algae in Koi and goldfish ponds containing live plants and fish.

Key Features:

  • Breaks down dead algae and improves oxygen levels
  • Promotes a cleaner pond environment by eliminating troublesome organic sludge and debris, and will not harm plants or fish

Add to the pond, one teaspoon for every 190L or 0.25 cup for every 2270L twice a week for the first two weeks, then add once a week to maintain control of green water algae (Chlorella).


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