PetSafe Audible Bark Collar

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If your dog barks excessively, we’ve got good news. We’re introducing a new method of bark control to give you a fresh alternative option in finding the perfect training solution for your dog. The PetSafe® Audible Bark Collar is unlike any others on the market. This unique type of bark collar uses SoundBurst™ technology to detect your dog’s barking and immediately releases a sound (resembling the spray of an aerosol can) to distract them from their barking. Your dog will never be corrected because of another dog’s bark or a loud outside noise, because the dual-detection technology in this collar must sense both vibration and sound before activating. This audible bark collar discourages barking quickly and consistently, and it really works. In fact, 70% of users report their dog barking less within the first few days of wearing the audible collar. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

• Discourages nuisance barking
• Waterproof (so your dog can wear it anywhere, in any weather)
• Indoor and outdoor use
• Quickly recharges (with the included USB charger) and holds a charge for up to 40 hours
• Fits most dogs over 3.6 kg

System Includes (Accessories)
• Audible Bark Collar
• USB Charger
• Quick Start Guide

SAFELY STOPS BARKING: 10 levels of automatically adjusting sound stimulation help teach your dog to stop excessive barking

LEARNS YOUR DOG’S BARK: Our unique bark-sensing technology prevents the sound of another dog’s bark causing a stimulation

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