Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board

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Combine fun with physical exercise and healthy eating habits. The toy trains your cat’s dexterity through play, and challenges your cat’s brain too – ideal for indoor cats, and cats with lower activity levels. The Tunnel Feeder can be used with cat treats or dry cat food kibble.

Simply fill the funnel with treats or dry food, screw the lid on top, and place it in front of your cat. The secure lid fastening means your cat has no chance of getting to the food through the top. Instead, the treats will fall into the six tunnels, and your cat will have to fish them out one at a time using its paw! The different angles of the tunnels make it more of a challenge for your cat to reach all the treats, encouraging it to eat slowly, and in smaller amounts. Giving your cat its daily portion of dry food through the Cat Activity Tunnel Feeder in this way can support your cat’s digestion and help your cat to maintain a healthy weight.

Key Features:

  • Exciting board game with 5 different game modules
  • Developed by cat expert Helena Dbalý
  • Physical exercise and mental stimulation
  • Trains the cat’s skills
  • For cats from the age of 3 months up
  • Plastic
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Suitable for old or sick cats as well
  • 30 x 40cn
  • Training book included

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