JW Fits All Treat Ball

Sale price$40.00


Turn treat time up a notch using JW's® Fits ALL Treat Ball™!

This fun new dog toy fits all of your dog's favorite treats including sticks, chews, safe-hides, biscuits, and even kibble! All pet parents have to do is stuff treats behind the ropes, pull the rope tight to secure the treat, and give it to your dog for mentally challenging playtime. As your dog works for their treats, the rubber nubs and hexagonal surface texture scrubs your dogs' teeth and gums. Keep playtime interesting and fun with JW's Fits All Treat Ball, the only treat ball your dog will ever need.

• Designed to accommodate a variety of treat sizes and shapes
• Kibble gets dispensed as a dog rolls the ball around
• Secures treats easily by tightening rope
• Mentally challenges dogs as they work for their treats

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