Kong Stuff N Liver Treat 226G

Sale price$26.95


Dogs love to play with kongs rubber toys but once all the treats are gone, so is the reason to play with them.  With kongs stuff n paste you can apply a small amount inside to keep the dog busy without the worry that it will fall out like treats and biscuits, giving your dog a longer lasting toy to play with.

Key Features:

  • Long lasting enticement to play with toys
  • Tasty liver flavouring
  • Easy to dispense can
  • No refrigeration needed


Milk, water, soybean oil, whey, sodium phosphate, whey protein concentrate, salt, carrageenan, sodium citrate, milk protein concentrate, dried chicken liver, natural flavor, glucono-delta-lactone, sorbic acid, lactic acid, caramel color, paprika, annatto fermentation product, rennet.

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