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A useful application for damaged or irritated skin.

Honey has an established reputation as an antibacterial agent. AMH 25% has been formulated to utilise all the known benefits of ACTIVE Manuka Honey when used for topical application in an easy to administer, stay-in-place form. It contains 25% of 16+ UMF (unique manuka factor). Active Manuka Honey contains the unique compound methylglyoxal, that provides a special natural antibacterial function able to inhibit many infectious bacteria. The antibacterial activity of honey works in 3 ways and AMH 25% includes the unusual non-perioxide antibiotic substance(s) present in some New Zealand Manuka Honey. This non-peroxide activity has an antibacterial quality, of benefit in topical form, which appears to control the bacterial invasion of damaged skin.

Active Manuka Honey wound protective qualities are achieved by:

  • Activity Factor (UMF): The main advantage is from the unique non-peroxide antibiotic effect that is determined through tests formulated by Waikato University Honey Research Unit, NZ as stated by a plus (+) number. Optimal antibacterial activity is achieved if the Active Manuka Honey is 15+ and above.
  • Peroxide Effect (H2O2): Peroxide is released from the honey when fluid/aqueous material contacts the cream (serum from damaged areas), provides a cleansing action.
  • Poultice Action: Honey is a ‘super sugar’ solution so when applied to damaged skin it draws moisture from the area in an osmotic way so working as a gentle poultice.


Apply AMH 25% Cream directly onto the area requiring care, normally no dressing is required to hold the cream in place.  Apply daily or more frequently if rubbed or licked off. AMH 25% forms a waterproof film over the damaged skin. For skin areas with minor damage, repeated cover applications of AMH 25% Cream will protect and soothe the skin. Apply onto a dressing or covering the area with a dressing may be required if likely to be rubbed or licked off.

When to use AMH 25%:

  • For use on all animals
  • Minor cuts or wounds
  • Bites – insect or animal
  • Grazes
  • Skin irritation or inflammation
  • Bacterial invasion could be a possibility
  • Minimise bacterial infection on damaged skin areas apply AMH 25% Cream 1 – 2 times a day

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