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Equi-Gold Hoofgro Plus special formulation provides all the nutrients that strengthen and improve the growth and repair of hooves.

What is Equi-Gold HoofGro Plus for?

Equi-Gold HoofGro Plus is formulated to strengthen and improve the growth of cracked and brittle hooves in horses.

Overall improvement to wall strength and thickness, thicker soles, deeper heels and healthier frogs can be expected after a period of time with Hoofgro Plus.

How does Equi-Gold HoofGro Plus work?

A combination of organic minerals, vitamins, nutrients and co-factors essential for the repair and maintenance of healthy hooves in horses. Improvement is generally slow (as with all hoof supplements) so expect horn growth and repair within 3-6 months and longer where severe damage or larger horse breeds are concerned.



  • Ponies 15g daily.
  • Adult Horses 30g daily.


  • Ponies 7–10g daily.
  • Adult Horses 15g daily.
  • Large breeds and pregnant mares (>600kg) 45g daily.
  • Pregnant mares during final weeks of gestation 60g daily.

Comes as a palatable, apple-flavoured, white powder. 

Each 30gm dose contains:

  • biotin 15mg
  • gelatin 200mg
  • choline chloride 204mg
  • zinc 7.2mg
  • DL-methionine 8.6g
  • MSM 18mg
  • magnesium 2.47g
  • manganese 65.6mg

Store in a cool dry place and replace lid tightly after use.

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