Provida Equine Flaxseed Flake 10KG

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ProVida Flax Seed Flake is a 100% Natural Supplement rich in Protein, Dietary Fibre, Vitamins and Minerals.  It is an ideal supplement for weight gain, maintaining condition and encouraging digestive health.

When we cold-press the Linseed Seed, we produce two products, both with their own individual nutritional benefits.  Flax Seed Oil is an Essential Fatty Acid supplement high in Omega 3, and Flax Seed Flake is a protein and dietary fibre supplement, that also has a small amount of oil left within.

With over 30% protein and around 40% dietary fibre, Flax Seed Flake is a wonderful supplement to aid muscular growth and development, and also to promote optimum digestive health.  It also contains both Essential and Non-Essential Amino acids.  Due to the natural, cold-pressing process, we are unable to press all of the oil from the seed.  This means that around 8% of the oil remains in the flake, and therefore is also a source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids.

The flake is also low in non-fibre carbohydrates and is gluten & GMO free.  This can help to reduce ‘tying up’ issues, as well as reducing the risk of other disorders often attributed to diets high in sugar and starch.  Furthermore, the flake is a great source of protein and fibre for laminitic horses.

The reason we call it ‘flake’, is that our cold-pressing machines expel what is left of the pressed seeds as a consistency that looks much like ‘bran flakes’.  Many other machines expel this as a pellet, and it is quite common to see linseed or flax seed pellets available.  Flax Seed Flake is much the same, but some people consider it easier to feed to their horses, as some horses do not like pellets and they often have to be soaked before feeding too.  The flake is very palatable and is easy to add to the daily feed.

We are often asked if the flake needs to be soaked in water prior to feeding.  This is not the case with Flax Seed Flake.  Due to some of the oil being retained in the flake it is not extremely dry, and so does not need to be soaked.  We do however recommend that your horse has water readily available when eating.

With the flake being high in protein, we suggest that you consider what you are already feeding, and use the flake in the correct proportions to give your horse a complete and balanced diet.

In addition to protein and dietary fibre, flake is also a fantastic source of phytoestrogens (lignans at 1.6%) and other vitamins and minerals including sodium, calcium and magnesium. 

For general health and maintenance, we recommend a daily feeding rate of one cup (150g) per day., but this can be increased accordingly depending on what else makes up the daily feed.

Flax Seed Flake should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture.  For more information view our Feeding & Storage Guide.

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