Mahu Oils Pet Care Kit Small

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Flea Guard:

Mahu Oils Flea Guard is hand formulated from natural aromatherapy oils. The combination of the oils helps deter fleas and ticks from infesting. It’s easy to apply and smells fantastic. The mix of natural Citronella and Cedarwood is safe enough to use on your horses, dogs and cats.

Cut Aid Cream:

Mahu Oils Cut Aid Cream is the ‘go-to’ cream every animal owner should have on hand. It’s specially formulated to help with the healing process of skin abrasions or cuts. The oils used have specific qualities that when combined create a safe and effective cream that is easy to apply. Suitable to use on all pets – horses, dogs, cats, even bunnies!

Coat Care Soap: *Currently not available within the pack due to supply issues*

Mahu Oils Coat Care Soap is hand produced using a combination of Goats Milk infused with aromatherapy oils. This recipe is bought together to give the best results for your pets coat. Using goat’s milk with coconut oil and natural oils gives a soothing product that cares for the coat and the skin. After curing for eight weeks or more, the end result is a pure and natural bar of soap full of goodness. Clean, soothe and help prevent fleas and ticks.

Gentle enough to be used daily on horses, dogs, cats and even your bunny.

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